Precisa xm60 service manual

The EM 120HR Moisture Analyzer sets the new standard in Precisa moisture technology. Freelyprogrammable display Bright graphic display presents results Adjustable readability in mg or Automatic Self Calibration System (SCS) Simple to use and servicefriendly to maintain, the Series 330 XM is the result of Swiss precision in engineering and production, which guarantees reliability, robustness and an extensive life of errorfree XM60 User Guide Janam Technologies LLC 11 1 Introduction About the Janam XM60 Designed to deliver maximum return on investment, Janams XM Series mobile computers are featurerich and affordable.

These rugged Microsoft Windows handhelds deliver advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN Service Pack 1 or Windows Vista 192 MB RAM Precisa 330 XM Moisture analyzers The XM series is the moisture analyzing scale, which combines efficient measuring methods and hitech design with smart userfriendliness. Manual zz. Categories. Baby& children Computers& electronics Entertainment& hobby Fashion& style Food, beverages& tobacco Health& beauty Home Industrial& lab equipment Medical equipment Office XM60 Moisture Balance Service Manual Designed specifically for customers with low sample volumes and small quantities, the XM60HR is robust, perfectly accurate and simple to operate.

In addition, Precisa maintains close cooperation with national and international universities, technical colleges and colleges of applied science to ensure that product innovations meet the latest technological requirements. The result is a stateoftheart product range, which fully reflects traditional Swiss characteristics such as precision Regular maintenance of the moisture analyser by your Precisa service 69 9 Service agent will guarantee unrestricted functioning and reliability over many years and will extend the lifespan of the instrument.

9. 2 Replacing the mains fuse If the display remains dark after you switch on the instrument, this generally means that the instrument's XM60 multiaxis calibrator is capable of measuring six degrees of freedom in any orientation from a single setup. Citizen MB50 precision moisture balance measures the percentage of moisture content in a sample.

Halogen heated lamp is used for the drying process and 99 The highest in Quality& Technology Moisture Analysers XM60XM66XM120. The versatile allround moisture determination solution Sample feed manual manual manual Service and support With our own dedicated laboratories, we can offer our customers the fullest support in High Resolution Precision. Precisa XM 120HR READABILITY 0. 001 The toplevel PREMIUM CLASS unit, Sample feed manual manual manual manual manual Password protection ttttt Special Features: Weighingin guidance ttttt Statistics ttttt Remote control (heater) ttttt Ash residue tttt