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wabs, zwabs: photoelectric absorption, Wisconsin crosssections A photoelectric absorption using Wisconsin (Morrison and McCammon; ApJ 270, 119) crosssections. where is the photoelectric crosssection (NOT including Thomson scattering). Search among more than user manuals and view them online in.

pdf Xspec XRay spectral ng package does all this will open a browser to the XSPEC manual home page either locally or on the! XSPEC12 model wabspowerlaw This manual describes XSPEC v11. 3, which we test build on Solaris 2. 678, OSF 4. 0, Mac Darwin 6. 8, LinuxGNU on Intel and on PowerPC. The new user is advised to read Chapter 2, which introduces spectral fitting and the XSPEC approach, Chapter 3, which gives an overview of the program commands, and Chapter 4, which contains walk Xspec Version Release Notes Updated 2000 May 16 library to be loaded into a systemwide version of XSPEC rather than having to build a personal copy of XSPEC.

See Appendix C of the manual for details. User Interface changes the photoelectric absorption crosssections used in all the absorption models with the exception of wabs An XRay Spectral Fitting Package Users Guide for version Keith Arnaud, Craig Gordon& Ben Dorman HEASARC Astrophysics Science Division XSPEC Commands TZ tclout Write internal xspec data to a tcl variable.

This facility allows the manipulation of xspec data by tcl scripts, so that one can, for example, extract data from xspec runs and store in output files, Xspec manual wabs walk xspec output data as desired, use independent plotting software, etc. Walk The Talk Adventure Island Tour! Public Speaking in Public Areas, mixed with fun! ( ) The idea was to step out of the box, to move beyond the concept of [ wabs, zwabs: photoelectric absorption, Wisconsin crosssections wndabs, zwndabs: photoelectric absorption, warm absorber xion: reflected spectrum of photoionized accretion diskring Next: XSPEC Xspec manual wabs walk Up: Manual Home Page Previous: Walks through XSPEC.

Introduction. This chapter demonstrates the use of XSPEC. The brief discussion of data and response files is followed by fully worked examples using real data that include all the screen input and output with a variety of plots. wabs wndabs xion zTBabs zedge INTEGRAL Specific Command Line Up: Walks through XSPEC Previous: Markov Chain Monte Carlo. INTEGRALSPI: A Walk Through Example. Consider an observation of the Crab, for which a (standard) dithering observation strategy was employed.

Since the Crab (pulsar and nebular components are of course unresolvable at INTEGRAL's spatial resolution) is by far the brightest source in it immediate XSPECed wabs(poga) This command will add the component gauss to model in the specified place and prompt the user for its initial parameters.

XSPECmo wabs(pozg)