Acl top 300 hemostasis analyzer manual

The ACL TOP combines flexibility, intelligence, easeofuse and speed to deliver complete Testing Process Automation for the demanding hemostasis laboratory. Whether running routine or specialty assays, ACL TOP provides Intelligent Testing in a range of models, delivering quality and efficiency in low to highvolume labs, including those with Lab Automation Systems.

One family of analyzers. One standard of testing. Find great deals on eBay for 2012 acl top 300 coagulation. Shop with confidence. Manual specialty testing is known to consume a lot of time and require technical skills. With ACL AcuStar, specialty testing is fully automated. Chemiluminescent technology which is made for the hemostasis laboratory provides better sensitivity and range when compared to immunoturbidimetric assays or ELISA. ACL TOP Family Training Manual RQC2 Review Chart View 1.

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Slated for release in March is the ACL TOP 300 CTS system, which automates many of the manualoriented tasks associated with hemostasis testing. The instrument is standardized with other TOP analyzers, offering the same operating system, reagents, prothrombin time International Sensitivity Index values, and normal ranges.

P. 2. One standardized analyzer line. Many hemostasis testing needs. The ACL TOP Family is a complete line of Hemostasis Testing Systemseach designedwith the same high standards of operation and functionality to meet the needs ofyour hospital and lab regardless ACL TOP Family Series Simple, comprehensive solutions for the Hemostasis Laboratory.

products. HIGHLIGHTS. Simple and reliable Sample processing is easy and removable tray accommodates samples of various size and fill volumes, and up to 22 reagents. All positions are monitored for volume and onboard stability.

IL's Hemostasis portfolio includes the ACL TOP Family of Hemostasis Testing Systems, fully automated, highproductivity analyzers, including the ACL TOP 700, ACL TOP 700 LAS, ACL TOP 700 CTS, ACL TOP 500 CTS and ACL TOP 300 CTS. The Comprehensive and Efcient Testing Platform for Your Hemostasis Lab t For the largevolume laboratory, provides clotting, chromogenic and immunological assays for routine and specialty testing; CTS model for closedtube sampling or LAS model, compatible with Laboratory Automation Track Systems, offer added exibility ACL TOP 500 CTS For the mediumtolargevolume laboratory, IL ACL TOP 300 CTS Coagulation Analyzer Information.

Highlights Original instrumentation provided by Instrumentation Laboratory. Total number of assays tested: 19. Diamond DownToFrame refurbishment provided. Refurbishment includes disassembly and total restoration. Process continues with assembly, repair, and diagnostics. Certification concludes with calibration The ACL TOP is a bench top, fully automated, random access analyzer designed specifically for in vitro diagnostic clinical use in the hemostasis laboratory for coagulation andor fibrinolysis testing in the assessment of thrombosis andor The coagulation analyzer runs clotting assays including Lupus and APCRV Leiden.

This ACL 100 coagulation system is an affordable solution for low volume workloads or as a backup analyzer. Increase result reliability and procedure productivity with every ACL 100 unit. Take advantage of this model's superior technology for utmost precision in coagulation analysis.

Find out all of the information about the Instrumentation Laboratory product: automatic hemostasis analyzer computerassisted compact ACL TOP 300 CTS. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale. Compare Products Now. Instrumentation Laboratory, ACL TOP CTS (Coagulation 2018) Coagulation analyzers, January 2018. Contact Information Instrumentation Laboratory Venita Shirley [email protected]

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