D16y8 intake manifold auto vs manual

[D16Y8 Manifold Swap This is a quick write up on what's needed to install a D16Y8 intake manifold on a D16A6. Other manifold swaps will be similar in nature. Such as a D16Z6 manifold on a D15B7etc. Consult a Helms manual for Manifold Versions: Automatic vs Manual versions are shown below: The manual version has a 2wire IACV mounted The following is a parts list for using a 9698 D16Y8 intake manifold and a 9091 B18A1 throttle body on a 8891 OBD0 D16A6. D16Y8 intake manifold (from manual transmission car) D16Y8 throttle cable bracket (optional) Jun 24, 2004 Now if your interested in a d16y8 intake manifold, I have a spare one since I've installed an edelbrock performer x intake manifold on mine, but the thing is the manifold is off an auto, so if you have a manual, your going to need to fabricate it by tapping some holes for the IACV since on the automatic its on the throttle body.

Honda Civic: D16Z6 vs. D16Y8 Engines. A D16Y8 stock intake manifold, which flows better than its D16Z6 counterpart. So, you've done a few autocrosses and maybe a Honda Accord: H22A vs. F20B Engines. H22A vs. F20B Find out the facts about the Accord's engines before you buy with this helpful article. This article applies to the May 23, 2004 the tps is on the throttle body, not the manifold. only difference is the auto has the iacv integrated into the throttle body and the manual has the iacv mounted on the back of the manifold.

Jun 12, 2010 im swapping my d16y7 out of my car along with the auto tranny. im putting in a d16y8 with a manual tranny. only thing i am confused about it can i use an AUTO Y8 intake manifold or do i have to use the manual one?

and can i use an auto Y8 wiring harness or do i have to use the Manual one? swap is almost done just couldnt find these answers. Jun 28, 2003 Clementine, The D16Y8 intake manifold swap is needed in order for the turbo kit to fit. The turbo kit was made for a 9295 EX.

The EX throttle body's exit out of the side where the non vtec models exit out of the top. Product Description D16Y8 Torque Solution Thermal Intake Manifold Gaskets use Find great deals on eBay for D16Y8 Intake Manifold in Intake Manifold.

Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for D16Y8 Intake Manifold in Intake Manifold. 9900 CiViC OEM D16y8 Auto INTAKE MANIFOLD P2P IPT2 EX air factory original.

88. 88. Buy It Now. REMOVED FROM 2000 CIVIC EX WITH D16Y8 ENGINE AND MANUAL TRANSMISSION Oct 04, 2009 D16y8 intake manifold with D16y8 intake manifold auto vs manual throttle body 12 hp? Discussion in ' The D16y8 intake manifold is from a pre '99, with a manual transmission and cruise control.

Do I use a throttle body gasket for an automatic, or manual? Will I have any IACV problems? 1999 2000 honda civic ex intake manifold fits 1. 6 d16y8 4 cyliner vtec engine with automatic transmission just the manifold no sensors it is in good condition. removed from 2000 civic ex with d16y8 engine and manual transmission. matching set of throttle cable and bracket from a 2000 civic D16y7 intake manifold swap, question about Rev limiter.

submitted 2 Did you get an automatic Y8 manifold or a manual one? You either need an auto one or block off the extra holes the manual one D16y8 intake manifold auto vs manual. Then you didn't use a P2P ecu from a D16Y8 or you don't have a stock D16Y7 with a D16Y8 intake manifold.

permalink; embed; save; parent Honda D engine. D16Y8 Engine. D15B6 Engine. Manual Transmission ECU Codes: P2J003 (OBD2a), P2JJ11 (OBD2b) The main differences are pistons, rods, camshaft, head gasket, intake manifold, and exhaust manifolds which are PDN rather than P2M) Found in: Honda Civic GX Bore and Stroke: see D16 Series Engines; Oct 18, 2012 1998 civic hatchback.

Catback exhaust AEM Short ram D16y8 intake manifold Replied by cb7ftw on topic D16Y8 Intake Manifold on Y7 BlockHead Vacuum Leak If it where me, I would use the block from the d16y7, and the top half of the d16y8.

Lot of people spend money converting the d16y7 to y8 that way, and you have all the parts to do it.