13 inch odyssey telescope manual

Is the 13. 1 Coulter Odyssey a good telescope? (self. telescopes) submitted 2 years ago by JukeProdigy. I found a good deal for this telescope but I am wondering if it is worth it. 27 comments; share; save; hide. report; I bought a 10 inch Coulter once that I found on Ebay for 50. Despite missing about 20 of the mirror coatings, the image The Coulter Odyssey 8 Site. Coulter. Home. History.

Specs. Manual. Manual. A lot of the old coulter manuals have been lost over the years. Special thanks to Allen for sending me a copy so I could get it up on the web. The manual was not specific to any aparticular scope. Telescope Specifications: 13. 1 and 17. 5 inch Page Fifteen: A Aug 07, 2015 As much as I loved my 10. 1 inch Odyssey for deepsky, I could never get a good enough focus on planets and multiple stars. When I worked in an industrial model shop I made a stopdown mask for the scope that turned it into a 3.

5 inch f13 offaxis reflector for planetary viewing. Mar 19, 2010  Coulter Odyssey 1 (red tube, 13. 1 inch) Posted by ciprianb on March 19, 2010 July 15, 2012 When I got my Celestron 6se I was a bit unhappy because I didnt spend more money to get a 8se instead.

Find best value and selection for your Coulter Odyssey 1 Dobsonian 13 1 F 4 5 Telescope search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. Coulter Odyssey. I first saw Coulter Those distinctive pageedge ads showed that Coulter was still in the game, this time with the Odyssey, a telescope much like the one I'd bought the components for years before, just three times larger.

A bit of glass with a 13. 1 inch diameter and a focal length of 58. 95 inches would be an f4. 5 MAKE OVER YOUR TELESCOPE 13. 1" Coulter Odyssey I. This telescopes uses the Coulter primary. Everything else has been updated, including encoders and digital setting circles. Pricing HERE.

17. 5" F4. 8" make over" from a traditional" truss" design. The overall weight was reduced by half. In 1990 I decided to purchase their 13. 1inch f4.

5 Odyssey. 1990 13. 1 Coulter Odyssey with new 2 focuser, Telrad setup, extra handles, and wheels for easy transporting to storage area. This scope sold for 600. 00 where a traditional telescope of this size would have cost 2, 500. 00 and have weighed about 350 pounds. I bought my 10. 5 inch Odyssey 1 scope back in about 1988. Used tons while teaching elementary school in central California. Living in the northwest for the past 20 years, it has remained in its storage box since there are Place your astronomy ads, read the latest news articles and check out the current reviews of newest telescopes and equipment.

13. 1 inch Coulter Odyssey 1 Great Scope Astromart News I bought my Odyssey Compact 10. 1inch Dobsonian telescope new from the manufacturer for 299. 95 in early 1986. The 13. 5inch diameter Sonotube is mounted into a large flake board box with a trap door at the back for the insertion of the 10. 1inch f4. 5 objective mirror. f13 telescope that suffers no diffraction from a secondary In 1985, Coulter Optics sought to add a smaller telescope to their line of larger dobsonians such as the popular 13.

1 inch. The 8 inch" Odyssey 8" was first made with a focal ratio of f4. 5. Nearly ten years later, in 1993, they added an 8 inch f7 which fit on the same base as the f4. 5. Here is a picture of my 13 inch dob with the four wheel dolly! Posted in Image Gallery, Telescopes 2 Responses to Dolly for my 13. 1 inch Odessy 1 Dobsonian Telescope