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Design, Build, Operate, and Maintain (DBOM) Pilot Program for Stormwater Management Informative Meeting April 28, 2008 Dana N. Havlik, PE SWM Program Manager MD SHA OHD Highway Hydraulics Division James A Tomlinson, PE Water Resources Engineer Design Manual (Revised 2008) DesignBuild Ad Schedule Report By Ad Date (Updated every Wednesday at 5: 00 p. m. ) CONTRACT NUMBER ROUTE DESCRIPTION TYPE OF WORK AD DATE TECH PROP DATE PRICE PROP DATE About SHA Employment Frequently Asked Questions Press Releases Public Information Act.

SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook; SHAs DesignBuild and Asset Warranty of Stormwater Management Facilities and Drainage Assets in District 6 The project focuses on the rehabilitation of existing stormwater management (SWM) facilities and drainage assets within District 6.

This manual is intended for use by SHA personnel and consulting engineers who are directly involved in tthe development and implementation of DB ocuments On January 23 rd, SHA issued a revised DesignBuild Manual. This is the first time that the manual is being made available outside of SHA. The manual has been developed to provide comprehensive guidance for the management, production, and administration of designbuild projects.

SHA DesignBuild Manual, January 23, 2013, which provides extensive discussion of how to conduct the procurement and administration of a DB project. SHA considers the manual to be Home Business Center Contracts, Bids& Proposals DesignBuild Projects DESIGNBUILD PROJECTS DesignBuild Ad Schedule Report By Ad Date (Updated every Wednesday at 5: 00 p.

m. ) DesignBuild Manual This document was developed as part of the continuing effort to provide guidance within the Georgia Department of Transportation in fulfilling its mission to provide a The Highway Design Manual (HDM) has been revised with the 6th Edition HDM Change. Changes include: replacing the nomenclature mandatory and advisory standards with boldface and underlined standards, respectively; replacement of Design Exception Fact