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Search the KB My Questions Code Examples Version History. Resources I don't want to do any manual work using the Command property ideally where I can send a parameter to determine which group has been expanded by the user but even in this case I would like to set IsExpanded from View Model binding.

[XAML WPF Expander IsExpanded binding. Ask Question. up vote 14 down vote favorite. 1. I have an Expander control with its IsExpanded property bound to a bool in the mvvm model. The binding works fine until you dont touch the expander. Once you click the arrow in the expander to expand, the binding stops working. Code Review; How to Bind IsExpanded to the MyData list of objects, where each object has the IsExpanded property?

This doesn't work! The data object contains the NavItems, Icon, Title and IsExpanded properties, along with many others that are used outside of navigation. How can I setup a TwoWay binding between the NavItem. IsExpanded and its containing TreeViewItem's IsExpanded Free source code and tutorials for Software developers and Architects. ; Updated: 29 Apr 2016. 13, 650, 578 members. How do I bind the isexpanded property of dynamically created expanders. Rate this: " Expander Manual code binding isexpanded Name" Exp" IsExpanded" Binding AncestorTypex: Type How do I take the IsChecked out?

I removed it to where it now says" IsExpandedBinding If I do this I get" Provide value on threw an exception" How to Update TreeViewItem's IsExpanded property to false in code behind? Ask Question. up vote 0 down vote favorite. I am working with WPF TreeView control. I am creating a hierarchical data structure and assigning it to ItemsSource and it will generate TreeviewItems automatically.

If you change this Style to use a Binding (and May 04, 2016  Forum thread about binding isexpanded in UI for WPF. Join the conversation now. I am using code examples from the forums to bind the isexpanded to a viewmodel isexpanded property like below. The code worked for a bit and then recently stopped.

the treeview does not render at all if the style is applied. if I remove If each of your tree items has an IsExpanded property then all you need to do is set the IsExpandedMemberPath property to the name of the tree item property.

The IsSelected property is a bit trickier. WPF Expander IsExpanded binding. HOME Programming Languages: I have an Expander control with its IsExpanded property bound to a bool in the mvvm model. bool flag in the databound item in code behind to have teh expander collapse when the bool is set.

I set the bool in the databound object IsExpandedBinding and IsExpandableBinding. This functionality is available only when Hierarchical RadGridView is used. As of R1 2018 SP2 RadGridView exposes the IsExpandedBinding and IsExpandableBinding properties. Through it the expanded and expandable states of the rows can be synchronized with the view model.

Hey guys I have 3 column expanders, when you have them all open and resize the window they stretch properly to fit the window. When you an close expander, I want it to shrink the window by the widt Oct 13, 2010 Forum thread about Binding ViewModel to TreeViewItem's IsExpanded in UI for Silverlight. Join the conversation now. Expander. IsExpanded Property. NET Framework (current version) Other Versions Visual Studio 2010. NET Framework 4; Visual Studio 2008. NET Framework 3.

5 Oct 14, 2008 Binding isExpanded to a codebehindproperty only works once (when the window is loaded), but I can not toggle. It also would be nice if clicking on one Expander automatically expands all the Expanders of the other Items. IsExpanded in xaml without code behind Da posted over 8 years ago I have hierarchical xamDataGrid which we would like to expand and collapse after click on button.