580hx dead weight tester manual

Type T Hydraulic Deadweight Tester Operation Manual Overview INTRODUCTION All models of Type T deadweight testers ship as complete kits, in ranges from 1 to 30 bar 10 to 500 psi through 7 to 1000 bar 100 to 15 000 psi. Models with the" T" prefix have suspended weights of precise pressure generated by the Deadweight testers. ACCESSORIES There are many accessories which can be supplied for use with the Deadweight testers. These include liquid liquid seals, two gauge stands and many others.

DHBudenberg have 580hx dead weight tester manual experience in the use of Deadweight testers and can supply accessories for many applications. These deadweight testers measure pressure ranges to 120 MPa (17, 400 psi) for models 580DX and 580HX An 580EHX version of the deadweight tester is available for Deadweight tester in compact design Model CPB3800 Deadweight tester in compact design, model CPB3800 Description Proven primary standard Pressure balances (deadweight testers) are the most 580L580M580DX and 580HX instruments and are identical in With this combination the former 580 Series deadweight tester from DHBudenberg is still available.

This includes all 580L 580M 580DX and 580HX instruments and are identical in form, fit, function, specification and quality. The table below shows WIKAs model code combinations to the corresponding 580 Series models.

Installation and Maintenance Manual for the psi (70, 000 kPa). The weight masses are premeasured and identified with the pressure values they produce when operated with the interchangeable piston and cylinder assemblies. Pressure calibration points produced by the deadweight tester are accurate to within 0. 1 of the reading certified Operation Manual for Dead Weight Tester Page 2 of 4 FEATURES: Built on rs principle of hydraulics used for precision calibrator for pressure gauges and other sensing, transming and recording pressure 580HX or 580VHX piston units the configuration provides an high accuracy deadweight tester.

When the base unit is used in the 580C configuration with a high accuracy standard test gauge, it provides a simple to use comparator. Hydraulic DeadWeight Tester Operating and Maintenance Instructions DH Budenberg 2 Gilchrist Road, Northbank Ind.

Est.Irlam, Manchester. DH Budenberg reserve the right to change the contents or form of this manual at any time The following oils are the commercially available oils suitable for use in the deadweight tester. ISO 3448 The RK tester is a floating ball type, pneumatic deadweight tester.

This model is engineered to offer userfriendly features, safe opera tion, and an optimal performance in the field or in the lab. Deadweight Testers and Gauges Instruction Manual Revision D October 2006 PN 002A00 SN: 2001 N.

Indianwood Ave. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma hydraulic dead weight tester 580vhx 0 reviews The 580VHX series base can be used with any of the 580 pistons to give ranges 1 120 bar with a 580L, 2 300 bar with a 580M, 1 700 bar with a 580DX, and 1 1200 bar with a 580HX, and 1 1400 bar with a 580VHX.