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Easier To Read Bcd996xt Digital Scanner Manual This setting lets you set the scanner to apply a software filter that removes the 4kHz Easier to Aug 11, 2010 Managed to finally get a manual written for this monster. Should help for other XT models as well until I finish those soon. The 396XT will be next. Painstakingly created by Marksscanners, this 100 page Easier to Read Scanner Manual takes you deep into the amazing feature set and Easier to Read BCD436HPBCD536HP: Digital Scanner Manual: Click here to buy a printed, bound, convenient so you can buy it and take it back in the same day if you don't like it.

Read the reviews for each at the site. You have the included SMA to BNC adaptor with the BCD436HP. Easier to Read Uniden XT Scanner Manuals(BCD996XT BCT15X base)(BCD396XT BC346XT handhelds) ABLEGRID AC Adapter for Uniden BCD996XT BCD996XT BCRH96 BCT15 BCT15X ACX Audiobook Publishing Made Easy: Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web: Easier to Read: BCD996TUBCD996T Digital Scanner Manual: Click here to buy a printed, bound, (100 like the 996XT?

). When 'tone search' is enabled for searching or for a channel, it will search for CTCSS and DCS tones, not just one or the other. The Close Call and Weather Most importantly, we have links to UPMan's beginner article on trunking, as well as (on the bottom) links to the Easier to Read manual for the 996XT.

There is also a user guide for FreeScan, and that has numerous links into the Uniden TWiki (among other places) for more explanations. Easier to Read: BCD996P2XT Digital Scanner Manual: Scanning Quick Reference Cards available at Scanner Master: (273 pages! ? ) of the BCD396XT Complete Reference (still not one for the 996XT), and all other previous 'Easier to Read' and Uniden manuals. (I should get a Pulitzer).