Teachspin manual for modern interferometry


OBJECTIVES. I. To determine the frequency difference of a twomode laser by measuring its contrast function. Two Slit Interference, One Photon at a Time by TeachSpin: Experiments 1 of 5 11: 11 AM This is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Unformatted text preview: Coaxial cable Canberra 2007P Canberrra 2015A old writeup To extract the data Zeeman effect questions atomic spectra Speed of light questions Acoustooptic modulator SR 620 Universal time interval TeachSpin's Modern Interferometry MI1A is a complete, researchgrade kit which provides all of the mechanical and optical components necessary to investigate three classic interferometers: Michelson, MachZehnder and Sagnac.

The lab manual from TeachSpin is quite thorough. You will have time to complete 4 to 5 of the experiments described in the manual. It is a good idea to decide which experiments you will do and plan ahead accordingly. Modern interferometry system from TeachSpin. 2. Twochannel digital oscilloscope. The teach spin kit includes a large number of individual components that can be read through Section 1 and 2 of the manual to learn about alignment techniques and build your first Michaelson interferometer.

TeachSpin's Modern Interferometry experiments follow current laboratory practice in tabletop The first few pages of the StudentInstructor manual, including the Table of Contents and the first introduction to the apparatus are provided here as a pdf.

The sections below describe a few of the MODERN INTERFEROMETRY Instruments Designed For Teaching TeachSpin believes that students will understand the methods and capabilities of interferometry best if they assemble, align, and operate their own interferometers.

Thus our new Modern Interferometry kit includes all the components students need to build several kinds of interfer TeachSpin apparatus offers your students a wide array of exciting and challenging handson physics experiments for their advanced physics lab, juniorsenior lab, modern lab, optics lab, senior project and even undergraduate research. TEACHING MODERN INTERFEROMETRY with a manual stressing understanding of issues like geometrical alignment, polarization control, and Teachspin manual for modern interferometry iments that introduce students to the best of modern interferometry.

TeachSpin anticipates delivering the first units before the fall semester of 2006 begins. That is, sometime this summer Rev 1. 0 0307 Preface for the Instructor This manual describes a host of things that you can do with the equipment included in TeachSpin's" Modern Interferometry" package. Publications.

David Van Baak, edited by George Herold and Jonathan Reichert, Noise Fundamentals NF1A Instructor's Manual, A Product of TeachSpin, Inc.2010. David Van Baak, " Can Scientific Laws Teach Us About the Nature of the World?

" in Faithful Imagination in the Academy: Explorations in Religious Belief and Scholarship, ed. Janel Curry and Ronald Wells.