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DamppChaser Piano Humidifier Treatment 16 oz. Bottle Value Pack of Amazon's Choice for" dampp chaser piano humidifier" DamppChaser Piano Humidifier Replacement Pads, set of 4 1 Liner Clean Sleeve Find great deals on eBay for damppchaser. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for dampp chaser humidifier. Shop with confidence. The Piano Life Saver by Dampp Chaser is a piano humidity control system. It keeps your piano in tune and prevents damage from climate and environmental effects, giving you professional performance level tonal quality and keyboard control.

Dampp Chaser Corp. assumes no responsibility for piano technician labor in maintenance, repair or warranty service calls related to the Piano Life Saver System. Care Instructions; Technical Support Use ONLY DamppChaser Pad Treatment in your Piano Life Saver System. Other brands that may be commonly available, contain acids or other chemicals which can be extremely corrosive to many parts of the System and to the piano itself. DAMPPCHASER GRAND 6PART SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS TOOLS REQUIRED: The System includes 14" hexhead screws.

To install the System, you will need: racheting driver cordless drill manual screwdriver screw starter chalk or other marker hacksaw Purpose: Removes excess moisture from the piano Controls the Storage Dehumidifier.

This is How It Works. The DamppChaser warms, dries and circulates air in the confined storage space through an aroundtheclock process illustrated to the right. STOPS musty odors!

As air in the storage area is warmed by the DamppChaser, it expands. The expanded air causes pressure inside the storage GRAND 6PART SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS The following is a list of components: Purpose: racheting driver screw starter manual screwdriver cordless drill chalk or other marker hacksaw.

2 DAMPPCHASER CORPORATION Formulated to reduce mineral buildup in Dampp Chaser Systems DamppChaser Piano Humidifier Replacement Pads, set of 4 1 Liner Clean Sleeve by DamppChaser Dampp Chaser The PIANO LIFE SAVER SYSTEM is a moisture content stabilizing system designed for your piano. By regulating the relative humidity of the air near critical components of your piano it helps stabilize pitch and prevents damage to Piano Life Saver offers accessories for piano maintenance and your piano humidifier.

Click here for a piano pad treatment, humidifier pads and more! When the time comes to stock up on supplies for your Piano Life Saver System, such as Pads and Pat Treatment, we encourage you to contact your piano technician.