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PERSEUS Pretty Excellent Receiver for SoftwareEager Unperceivable Signals The PERSEUS is a software defined VLFLFMFHF receiver based on an outstanding direct sampling digital architecture. It features a 14 bit 80 MSs analogtodigital converter, a highperformance FPGAbased digital downconverter and a highspeed 480 Mbits USB2.

0 PC interface. Shows client parameters to server operator Microtelecom noip. com RZ3DVP Author URL Language Nagoya2PerseusUse rListConversion. xls Language Effective losless audio compression tool reduce download size of Perseus wavs for easy sharing Identifies song titles and artists from audio& Perseus recordings Function synchronization with Icom Trx In any case, the library described here (libperseussdr) is not suitable in order to run original Perseus SDR application from Microtelecom under Linux (neither using WINE).

By the way, I don't know whether just trying to do that, one breaks the Microtelecom's licence, so be careful. Studio 1 Software Defined Radio will give your Perseus a resizable interface 14 Replies One of the major complaints I hear regarding the benchmark Microtelecom Perseus SDR is that its GUI (graphic user interface) is not resizable or scalable to fit a large monitor at fullscreen.

Central to Perseus is a userfriendly, interactive workflow environment that provides complete documentation of computational methods used in a publication. All activities in Perseus are realized as plugins, and users can extend the software by programming their own, which can The following software is for registered users of MicroTelecom.

The application requires password or additional configuration after installation is complete, and a The Microtelecom Perseus is a software defined VLFLFMFHF receiver based on a direct sampling digital architecture.

The Perseus is a robust, powerful receiver and its performance (with a good antenna) is on par with high end professional receivers. The Microtelecom Perseus is a multimode, software defined receiver covering 10 kHz to 40 MHz. The Perseus employs direct sampling conversion using a 14bit 80 MSs analogtodigital converter, a highperformance FPGA based digital downconverter and a high speed 480 Mbitss USB 2. 0 PC interface.

PERSEUS is a software defined VLFLFMFHF, 10 kHz 30 MHz, communication receiver based on an outstanding direct sampling digital architecture and with the capability of PERSEUS CONTROL SOFTWARE V4. 1a The v4. 1a software version allows connecting to remote Perseus receivers through any TCPIP connection.

Release 4. 1a was released to address USB 3. 0 compatibility issues and refine Windows 8 support. Furthermore, the Microtelecom team has been generally very cooperative listening to users comments, developing new features and fixing fewer bugs throughout different software versions.

No surprise that the 2009 WRTH edition had claimed the Perseus as the SDR of the year. If preferred, the full microtelecom s. r. l. can be deleted) 4) Restart the Perseus software. Page 22 7. HFSPAN UTILITY HFSpan is a stand alone spectrum analyser, which is included along with the PERSEUS operating software.