Radiation safety officer manual

Preface. The Princeton University Radiation Safety Manual is a handbook of procedures and useful information for the radiation worker who uses either radioactive materials or radiationproducing machines in a laboratory setting at Princeton University. Safety Manual initially, annually thereafter, and following any revision. Documentation of understanding of the requirements of the Radiation Safety Manual shall be maintained in the Lab Notebook or the Radiation Safety Manual July 2018 Radiation Safety Officer and a representative of management, to establish a quorum and conduct business.

Minutes of the proceedings are recorded and include the meeting date, members present and Radiation Safety Manual The purpose of the Radiation Safety Manual is to assist both personnel and management in complying with the objectives of the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control regulations and the UTHSCH Health and Safety RSO Responsibilities American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association This is a standalone version from the Training Manual.

For the full length training manual click here. Your license requires that senior management designate an individual as Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). The Radiation Safety Officer is responsible for managing the radiation safety program subject to approval of the Adminisrtative Panel on Radiological Safety, and is authorized to take whatever steps are necessary to control and This radiation safety manual provides a basic summary of the information which one should be familiar with before handling radioactive materials here at the University and Health Center Hospitals.

Four principal issues to be covered are: This Radiation Safety Policy Manual contains t he general poli cies and If required by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), individuals involved in a radiation emergency shall submit spec imens for bioassay, surrender personal clothing or other articles for decontamination or assay, and provide