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Dr Dish Basketball Manual Dr Dish is doing its best to stay on the leading edge of basketball technology. Most notably with a recent addition of Bluetooth connection to your smart phone. 100. iMake will rotate within this Now is the time to get your program a Dr.

Dish Basketball Shooting Machine. Fill out the form for pricing info. Now is the time to get your program a Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machine. Fill out the form for pricing info. I have a 2 year old Dr. Dish All Star Gun for sale.

The number of hours used are limited. Orignal cost was 6500. 00. Asking 4800. 00 The Best Basketball Coaching Websites& Resources Online. Want pricing info on Dr. Dish Basketball Shooting Machines? Fill out the form below! Comments. Enter for Free Weekly Drills and Tips! Most Popular. Product Categories. Basketball Shooting Machine (160) Dr. Dish (152) Owners Manual. Train like youre in the game! TM. 2. Table of Contents. Getting Started. Setting up BallBoy Net System the remote at the Dr.

Dish, it will work within 100 feet of the machine. 8 MultiBall Mode See page 15 for operation instructions. And if you're looking to get a new basketball shooting machine, you essentially have two options: Dr. Dish or The Gun. We know that if you're going to make the leap into purchasing hightech equipment, you'll want to do your research and get the best possible product at the best price. Contact our customer service team and get personal help for all your product related questions.

Dr. Dish Orginal. Download Manual. iMake. Download Manual. The Dr. Dish Original and iMake basketball machines were retired in 2014. Airborne Athletics will honor the warranties for their Dr. Dish Original and iMake customers. Dr. Dish Basketball and Thrive3 Basketball are back at it again with more great basketball drills. Coach Mike Lee will break down 3 great basketball drills that focus on the baseline drive and the different reads players will have.

Dr. Dish 32 Shooting Jordan Petersen. Competitive Dr. Dish shooting drill that works on floaters, pull ups, 3's and free throws. A floater is worth 1 point, a pull up is worth 2 points, a three pointer is worth 3 points and each free throw is worth 1 point. Take the Technology Infused Dr. Dish Pro and add a patented net system for away from the basket training and you get the Dr.

Dish AllStar basketball shooting machine. Train the perimeter and inside game. Imagine what 1000's of extra finishing reps could do for your program! Communicates with your iPhone and the all new Dr. Dish app. Aug 17, 2018 Dr. Dish Basketball was fortunate to be able to attend the RBA Sports and Technology Showcase in New Dr. dish basketball manual City this summer. This showcase is an opportunity for players to show their skill set Dr. dish basketball manual front of numerous NBA and European scouts.