Automatic or manual fuel efficiency

Dear Tom and Ray: Years ago, it was understood that manualtransmission cars had better fuel economy than the same cars with automatics. But for the past several years, as manual transmissions become increasingly scarce, the dealers (and EPA) claim that the mileage is the same due to improved automatics. Why do cars with manual transmissions consume fuel more efficiently than cars with automatic transmissions?

Update Cancel. The most fuel efficient automatic gearbox is the dual clutch type (DCT). It basically features two mechanical drivetrains, one for the even gears, the other for the uneven gears. Fuel Efficiency: Why do manual transmissions normally get better mileage than automatics? Update Cancel. Is driving a semi automatic car in manual mode as fuel efficient as driving a manual car?

a bad driver can totally negate the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission by miscalculating the speedgear combinations. Also, if We have bought several sets of test cars of different types with both manual transmission and automatic transmissions and run them through our fueleconomy and acceleration tests.

In most, we 6 thoughts on Manual vs. Automatic Transmission: Which Gets Better Mileage and Why? Dilpreet Singh October 17, 2014 at 10: 13 am. As a long term car user, I strongly prefer the manual transmission, because it save fuel, which is very important factor. Like all other car buyers you will also face that which car is fuel efficient automatic or manual. But in the search for improved fuel economy Manual cars always get better fuel economy than cars with automatic gearboxes.

In the past it was pretty much a given that vehicles with manual transmissions would be more fuelefficient than Traditionally thought to be the more fuel efficient option, manual transmission vehicles give the driver more control over their driving choices than an automatic. In addition, manual transmission vehicles tend to be less expensive of the pair, according to While manual transmissions used to be more fuelefficient than automatics, some of today's automatic transmissions are changing that notion.

One thing that's helping automatic transmission catch up is the wider use of It has often been taken as a given that manual cars are more fuelefficient than automatics, with automatics often disregarded as being overly heavy on fuel. But there have been some significant moves made to improve the technology in automatic Jul 19, 2018  Are Manual Transmission Cars More Fuel Efficient Than Automatics? Many people think that stick shift cars save fuel more than an automatic.

But, its often not true when you include todays automatic cars with