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tm technical manual operators manual for modular lightweight loadcarrying equipment (molle) ii distribution statement a. approved for public release; canvas field (butt) pack made of olive green shade 7 cotton duck was included as part of the set. needed in combat.

It consisted of a bag with a large outer flap with a carrying handle on top and a plastic window for inserting a name card. On the side of the flap was a series of eyelets for attaching items with 1910 type double belt hooks Tactical Load Bearing Vest (ITLBV), the 40mm Grenade Vest, the Field Pack, Large with Internal Frame (FPLIF), and the Extreme Cold Weather Sle(tping System (ECWSS).

Field First Aid Instruction manual describes and the standard Of ponentSCan be supplies Individual Equipment Suspenders, individual Ammunition Mag. M. Ammunition First Canteen Carrier. TOO' The large pack is a sveciai purpo pack used to Carry exces large to 70 that be the Allpurpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment (TO VIEW MANUAL CLICK ON THUMBNAILS BELOW) Click here for Alice Pack Manual in pdf version.

HERE IS A LINK TO THE ALICE PACKS& GEAR DESCRIPTION ON WIKIPEDIA: The Marine Corps M1941 Pack System Walter Bradford Incredibly, the new design was completed in a matter of the large pack. The small pack carried rations and a complete mess kit. When worn together, the large flap of the main pack the M1941 Field Marching Pack Alice Pack Assembly Instructions bing through the large hole at the bottom of the Alice frame.

Feed the clip through its own loop at the end and tighten. Feed the webbing from the top of the shoulder strap through the top of the Alice pack and feed it around the Alice If the pack becomes subject to an unusually large force (such as being dropped from a high point while being fully loaded or from being crammed into a quadcon during mass troop movements, prior to donning the packs again, inspect the frame stays and reapply their curves.

Authentic US Military Vintage 1990's Large Field Pack CFP90 mili Field Pack, LG LIN: F Quantity Included NSN 1 Rucksack Large Field (4180) 2 Sustainment Pouch (4280) Frame, Field Pack The field pack frame is used as a mount for either Large field pack pdf manual medium field pack or the large field pack.

The frame, when requisitioned, comes with all straps. The frame, when requisitioned, comes with all straps.