Occupancy switch with manual override mass

Jun 24, 2014  Nonresidential Lighting PartialOn Occupancy SensorsOccupancy Sensors Multilevel lighting controls shall not override the functionally of other lighting controls dimmer switch that allows manual ON and OFF functionality, and is capable of manually controlling lighting through Commercial Lighting Requirements in 2009 IECC Commercial provisions contained in Chapter 5with reference to ASHRAE occupancy sensor Corridors, storerooms, restrooms or public lobbies Can be over 2 hour Optional wall switch override shall allow occupants to reduce lighting level to increase energy savings or, if permitted by system administrator, raise lighting levels for a selectable period of time or cycle of occupancy.

The OccuSwitch DALI has options for local override, parallel operation and network links to Building Management Systems (BMS). The specific Dynamic Lighting or SchoolVision functions (LRM209x) are not discussed in this manual.

PRC switches are used to provide occupant override switching and manual dimming control. Digital Switch and Lowvoltage Switch models are available. Digital Switches connect to the controller Digital Switch Network RJ45 connector and offer digital and analog IO connections for connecting field wiring devices, i. e. occupancy sensors, Sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Vacancy sensors (occupancy sensors with manual ON): Include manual override switch that allows controlled lighting to be turned on for no more than 2 hours.

Individual override switch Hubbell serves the needs of customers in a variety of market applications. From controlled environments of a data center to the demanding continuity of the power grid. Occupancy Sensing Wall Switch in 180 degrees, over a detection area of 270 sq ft, via Ultrasonic and PIR detection, with light level and manual override, for a duration of 10 years.

Reference Product 527 CMR 12. 00: 1996 MASSACHUSETTS ELECTRICAL CODE (AMENDMENTS) by occupancy sensors that are (1) in addition to wallswitches, or (2) located at a customary wall switch location and equipped with a manual override that will allow the sensor to function as a wall switch.

(2) Stairs, Halls, Entrances and Exits. Triateks LP3500 Lighting Control Panel is used in arenas, stadiums, and commercial buildings around the world. The LP3500 provides the capability to control high voltage lighting circuits via a two wire RS485 network, occupancy sensors, light level sensors, and manual override switches.

Manual override switch allows only the lights in the enclosed space where the override switch is located to turn on or remain on until the next scheduled shut off occurs. 8. Additional testing as specified by the certified commissioning professional. Great Auto Light Switch with Manual Override APPLICATION: Home Theater Hallway Entrance Automatic Occupancy Switch with Manual Override USE CASE: Automatically turns on the lights when entering the room allowing enough time to get settled before turning the lights off (I set it to 1min duration).