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Dec 10, 2010  Go Ackley Improved, Forget the magnum rifle cartridges! Registered Users do not see the above ad. I currently use Remington Ackley Improved, 257 Roberts Ackley Improved, 7mm Mauser Ackley Improved, 3006 Springfield Ackley Improved all are close the magnums velocities, superior accuracy with less powder Since receiving the finished JGS reamer, I have had outstanding results with the 2025 barrels I've chambered with it.

and the ballistics are clearly superior. Here's a table that gives you a ballistic comparison of different cartridges. You can see the Ackley Improved. 260 beats the standard. 260 Rem handily: In typical 12 to15pound This booklet is the first of many planned works that provide instruction in the correct and safe methods of gunsmithing.

Specifically, this essay discusses Ackley Improved cartridges. In it, we will not teach you how to install and chamber a barrel, we handle that information in another title, Chambering Rifle Barrels for Accuracy. In this Hard cover reloading manual for Hawk Cartridges. 180 pages.

10 years of research went into the collection of data for Hawk Cartridges. Congratulations! To begin your PDF download of the Improved Cartridges of P. O. Ackley Compilation from Gun Digest, CLICK HERE, click on the cover picture at right, or, because this is a 12 mb file (which is large if youre on dialup), rightclick on the picture and Save Target As or Save Link As [ The disadvantages of the Ackley Improved cartridges start with fireforming.

This is easily done in a varmint rifle, where hundreds of rounds of factory or conventional handloads can be shot at prairie dogs, but not so easily (or economically done) otherwise.

Home Reviews. 280 Ackley: The EverCapable Deer Cartridge. As far as deer cartridges go, the. 280 Ackley Improved (AI) is not as well known as the timehonored. 3006, but perhaps it should be. with both Sierra and Nosler publishing reloading data in their current manuals. The cartridge is featured in the 12th Edition of Cartridges Reloading data for some of the Ackley Improved cartridges is in the major reloading manuals, and the cases can usually be fireformed from the source case in this case (no pun intended), Jgs manual ackley improved cartridges.

223 or even 5. 56 NATO brass (quality 5. 56 cases might last longer after fire forming). Dec 15, 2014  Page 1 of 2 Reloading for the Ackley Improved cartridges. posted in Guns, Loads, Optics and Gear for Varmint Hunting: Hi guys. This question is for those of you who reload, and more specifically for those of you who have ever ventured down the path of AI (Ackley Improved) conversion.

I understand the general benefits of Chambering a rifle for an Ackley Improved Cartridge. Rechambering a custom rifle for the 223 Ackley Improved.

January 22, 2014 Bill Marr Gunsmithing 0. Ackley Improved cartridges could be chambered in a rifle in a preexisting caliber. The brass for the improved version of the cartridge could be fireformed from a parent cartridge or You hear a lot of talk about improved cartridges, which are standard factory cartridges that have been blown out and had their shoulders sharpened or flattened, usually to 35 or 40 degrees.

Headspace usually remains the same but is sometimes reduced to prevent chambering standard loads in an improved chamber for perceived Feb 08, 2018  260 ackley improved really worth it?

Aug 19, 2017. I've been kicking around the idea of a 260 ackley improved and was wondering if it's really worth the expensive dies and the time fire forming case prep for what you gain if that much at all? I bough my 260 AI reamer from JGS and also the 260 AI head space go gauge Nov 23, 2017  There is the 338 LM AI (Ackley Improved), the. 338 Allen Xpress, and the. 338 Yogi (A to Y), just to name three. Different reamer houses may have different reamer details for the same cartridge name.

IF you want the 338 LM AI, specify that to PTG and that is what you'll (probably) get (since there is a specific set of features that Today Ackley is know for his Improved Cartridges.

Most well know of all is probably the 280 Ackley Improved, because Nosler decided to take it to SAAMI and make it a" factory" cartridge. In his life time P. O. was better know for his barrels and rebore work.

Hawk Reloading Manual. Hawk Cartridges were designed by the Author of P. O. Ackley