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28 rows Apr 27, 2012 Re: GTM Libra build manual I have just tried to use link to online manual and got to it without needing a password hope someone will find this usefull Fri Apr 27, 2012 8: 18 pm Oct 10, 2004 Trouble is, whilst sparing your vertebrae, the softer setting sees the Libra lurch into rolloversteer in demanding corners.

This attitude is easily corrected by the nicely weighty, feelsome Origional Libra Build October 1999June 2000 (Pages updated May 2017) We did not make many notes although we kept at least one box end off each ball joint, light unit etc then we made a list of the numbers& descriptions ( a copy is available if you need one ).

Welcome to my GTM Libra build site! My Libra is now complete, SVA'd, registered and on the road! Please see my build report and completed pictures. Peter's GTM Gtm libra build manual roll site. Peter's GTM Libra Site: Home The manual tell you to mount the front of the seats to a raised box section of the floor. To me the fiberglass seems quite thin here. Build Report Completed Pics Contact: Template by: Finerdesign. com How to measure up the GTM Libra suspension settings.

Followed by a how to make up a really quick to use setup tool In the build manual for the Libra there is a complicated explanation of how to adjust the rear wishbones to give the correct track, which should be set to equal the front. Roll the car back and forth a couple of times to The images and specifications on this site are based on the latest production information available at the time of posting. We reserve the right to modify materials, colors and other characteristics of the component kits without prior notice.

The history given below was produced by Ian Johnson and was originally on his web site. Launched in 1998, the GTM Libra is a more upmarket sports model with fewer compromises than the earier cars. Richard Oakes was again called in to help come up with a design which would rival the likes of the Lotus Elise and Caterham 21, let alone other It would be a lttle unfair to qutoe the build time as my car is the black, V6powered, Libra in your photograph. The car was factory built (it was the prototype V6 way beyond my capabilities to build it!

), using all new parts, which explains the build cost I've quoted this also includes GTM's labour costs which are pretty reasonable.

In the spring of 1982 historic grand prix competitor and engineer, Chris Smith decided to design and build a replica of one of his alltime favourite race cars, the gorgeous 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans car.

GTM CARS LTD LIBRA Specification Data sheet. Engine: Rover 'K' Series 1400cc 2500cc KV6 Roll centre height 27mm clubs etc before committing to any major purchase or route in your kit build.

Specification information is generally garnered from the manufacturers website or brochure and is published here to give a more complete I have for sale my rear engined GTM Rossa K3 kit car in white. factory build to GTMs demonstrator car specification using a low mileage 1.

4GTI. In other words. you will be struggling to find a better build one of these. it even sports central locking. Comes as shown on the pictures with a soft top. plus a white hard top as well. She just sailed through the MOT and spo Right roll on kit arrival still hopeful for midfeb, will give Terry a ring later in the week to confirm this is still ok. (as the name kind of suggests) Gareths car which I took around Snet is a GTM Libra.

were getting hold of a the Which Kit series of articles where they built a Marlin 5exi these will be invaluable as the build manual If anyone wants any Libra build info pictures or guidance we will help if we can, we will try to help in any way especially as Peter at GTM passed away, he was a valuable source of information.

GTM was then sold to RDM at Coventry& it is now owned by Westfield.