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The 2012 FRC challenge, called" Rebound Rumble" is the newest in a series of unique challenges. Rebound Rumble is played by two competing Alliances on Furthermore, at FRC competitions, our safety captains do safety outreach to promote and ensure a safe working area and environment of other teams as well. We strive to not only uphold but exceed and promote the thorough expectations outlined in the FRC Team Safety Manual below. 2012 Rebound Rumble Game and Season Information from FIRST has links to the Competition Manual, Team Updates, Kit of Parts, game Q& A, Awards, News and Email Blasts, and more.

Getting Started with the 2012 Control System link that walks you through how to set up the control system, wireless router, image the cRIO, and other 2012 FRC Season Rebound Rumble. Rebound Rumble The Challenge. Rebound Rumble is the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition game. It is styled similarly to basketball where robots manipulate and shoot 8 foam baskeballs into four hoops on each side of the field.

Alliances battle it out to score the most basketballs. The 2012 game, Rebound Rumble, involves robots shooting foam balls into hoops. There are three different levels of hoops, and shooting a ball into a higher hoop gives you more points.

In addition, there is a barrier with bridges over it in the middle of the field. See the game manual for more information 2012: Rebound Rumble In Rebound Rumble, teams attempt to score 8" foam basketballs in any of 4 hoops: 1 hoop is on top and worth 3 points per basketball, there are 2 hoops in the middle, each worth 2 points, and there is one hoop on the bottom, worth 1 point.

The AdamBots work hard to develop a safety culture within the team and at the competitions. In 2013, we innovated the safety plan. We added a freshmen training program, documented our practices, and reemphasized what safety meant to us.

Jan 16, 2012  I have been thinking a little more about capabilities a robot needs to compete successfully in Rebound Rumble: Shot accuracy tradeoff: Comparing a robot that can make 100 of its 2 point shots with a lower accuracy 3 point shooter: In hybrid a 3 point shooter can miss 1 out of 6 and still get FRC Game Details FRC Game Animations Multimedia FIRST Promo Videos FIRST News Segments 2012 REBOUND Rumble Game description, manual, team list, awards: 2011 LOGOMOTION Game description, manual, team list, awards: 2010 BREAKAWAY!

Game description, manual, team list, awards: The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an exciting program that assimilates teams, sponsors, colleges and technical professionals with high school students to develop their solution to a prescribed engineering challenge in a