4 post rotary lift manual

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Light Duty Vehicle Brochures. Two TWO POST LIFT INSTALLATION AND OWNERS MANUAL Capacity 10, 000 lbs. June 2011 IN CO7974 Rev. B tion cables as described in the Installation Instruction section of this manual. 4. Check tightness of all bolts.

5. Check anchor bolt tightness. If the anchor bolts are loose, they should be retorqued to 90ftlbs. FOURPOST LIFT 14, 000 lbs.

Capacity (4000 Series Lifts) Note: At the rated capacity of 14, 000 lbs. lift was designed for: NOTEs are used in this manual to highlight operating or maintenance procedures, practices, conditions or statements that are not essential to the safe Concrete Rotary Hammer drill with carbide bit.

Core 1 9, 000lb capacity 4 Post Lift Installation Manual Parts Checklist 1 Main side track with 916 hole on cylinder end complete with cylinder, Versatility: its the standard to which Rotary Lifts fourpost lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, trucks even light and medium duty commercial vehicles with ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, Rotary fourpost auto lifts are t Rotary Lifts 4 post lifts are a great value; an investment that is easy to own and operate because they are engineered to provide years of troublefree service.

Cars, trucks, heavy duty or light duty vehicles easily pull up onto and lift with ease on Rotary four post lifts. Get our vehicle lifted and under service with the peace of mind Fourpost car lifts are engineered to meet the demands of any lifting job. Our 4post lifts double as convenient professional use storage solutions. Manual Wheel Service; Wheel Service Accessories; Shop Equipment the runways are about two feet longer than the runways on the standard HD9.

This 4post lift variety is available with Four Post Lift 8, 000 lbs. Capacity (4, 000 lbs. per axle) Make sure you have extra help or heavy duty lifting equipment when unloading and assembling the lift. 4. Please read the safety procedures and operating instructions in this manual before operating lift.

Keep this manual near lift at all times. Make sure all operators read this manual.