Nilsson model 400 manual

Nilsson 400 Soil Resistance Meter, were used to characterize a site in the vicinity of Islamabad, Pakistan. The old equipment required excessive manual handling and was labor intensive, short cables requiring repeated shifting of electrodes Nilsson Model 400, Soil Resistance Meter 1 For laboratory resistivity testing. i. Miller Soil Box M. C. Miller, Soil Resistivity Meter, Model 400A Lightweight, highly transportable, accurate soil resistivity meter.

#. The Miller 400A operates exactly like the Nilsson 400 4Pin Soil Resistance Meter with regard to resistance range selection, null balancing, etc. The Miller 400A Users Manual is posted on this website, nilsson model 400 soil resistance meter mcws soll box resistivity r resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using an earth resistivity measuring set mcws box resistivity 'ohmcm) resistivity of soil or water by soil box method using a combination of meters and batteries 400D or Nilsson 400 Resistance Meters.

Test Kit Includes: Wire Reel with 4 Color Coded Leads ( standard lead lengths provide a 20' max. pin spacing custom lead lengths available ) 4 Color Reel to Meter Leads 4 Stainless Steel Soil Pins ( T Handle design 18" long, 38" diameter ) Instruction Manual Model XTpc Pipe& Cable Locator Product Line Manufactured By Schonstedt Instrument Company 100 Edmond Road Total resistance over of 10 between ranges.

S. NILSSON MODEL 400 4PIN SOIL RESISTANCE METER BATTERY CHECK LAMP NULL INDICATOR Scale shows if off balance reading is high or low.

01 ohm to 1. from In low position. solid state 4pin soil resistance meter @ since 1919 nilsson electrical laboratory, inc. specialists in electronic and electrical measurements 333 west side avenue, jersey city, n. j. nilsson model 400 4pin soil resistance meter battery check lampnull indicator \ Bought this meter at a garage sale for 5. made by Nilsson Electrical Laboratory 11 Eighth Ave. NY, it is packed with solid state circuitry and takes a 12 volt lantern battery.

Find best value and selection for your NILSSON MODEL 400 4 PIN SOIL RESISTANCE METER search on eBay. World's leading marketplace. The Nilsson Model 400 Soil Resistance Meter is a fourterminal, null balancing ohmmeter. It measures resistance from. 01 to 1. 1 M. The Model 400 can be used as a 4, 3, or 2 pin device for soil resistance measurements, or can be used with a soil box or a single probe.

Soil Resistance Meter (e. g. Nilsson model 400, Catalog# ) or any ammetervoltmeter combination together with a power supply 3. ) Four Insulated MCM Soil Box Test Leads (Catalog# ) Procedure: 1) Pour or tamp material to be tested into soil box until level with top of box. The Model 400 operates on a single 12 volt lantern battery (Eveready# 732. be sure to obsetve proper polarity. the capacitance between connecting wires may cause low readings. we recommend that the unit be returned to the factory with a description of the difficulty.